My first VPS-Yay!

Submitted by tameeshb on Sat, 03/04/2017 - 02:37

Last year, when I came to know from my senior in college that the project we were working together on was being hosted on a VPS, I immediately looked up what VPSes were and desperately wanted to get my hands on one of them, to dig deeper into VPSes.


The regular free hosting that I've been using so far, impose a lot of limitations on the site admin, and more than half of the features require a "premium user", regular web-hosting services now seem really ridiculous to me as, all you can do is whatever options are available to you in the cPanel, which are very limited.

I recently found out about aws free tier after Slurpee(Matthew Lechleider), linked me to this page. I was quite hesitant to sign up at first as it required a credit card verification but wasn't very sure about it. But anyway, I signed up later for this service.

At first I was overwhelmed by the plethora of services that pops up in the list of "All services". As this wasn't regular cPanel hosting I was confused where to start from, I started off by opening in new tabs, whatever I thought would be relevant to a PHP web app (EC2, CodeDeploy, RDS- Database, Elastic Beanstalk) and the next thing I know is that I have over 8 instances running on my AWS server. I later realised that I didn't need all the other services, I could just use EC2 to host an Instance i.e. a Virtual Machine and configure all applications on my own on it. 

I choose "Ubuntu 16.04.02" to start off with as I was comfortable using ubuntu for a long time.


aws menu

Later, I had to Terminate the other instances as it was consuming the limited resources assigned to my free account.

More detailed blog post here:


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